the first in the world fully automated IoT smart cat exerciser

   Cats usually locked in the city appartments, so they have got no place for exercising. And if you sterilize your cat, it will bring only more problems, problems in their physicall activity. They become overweighted, so - they die... Inventors have created some devices, which can lightweight this problem and make cat exercise - it's some kind of "squirrel wheels" like here, or laser pointers here, and just simple toys. But all of this becomes for them not interesting in a short period of time - laziness victory. But we have another approach to this - we make this process around the feed - cats are amazed! The essence of this approach, is that we arrange 2 feeders on a some distance(it may also be some height), thereafter one of them we fill with some amount feed(2-3 grains, the less - the better). Device calls the cat using vibration motor, and waits for pet to eat the food. This continues until all the feed set by the owner for one session has been given out. At the end using Android application we can see how much cat has ran, and what is the all height it has jumped on. So, this is it: